10 Points to Designing a Successful Mail Piece

Direct Mail Marketing design : how to maximise your response


  1. A clear, bold headline
  1. A graphic that supports the image
  1. Colour that pops
  1. Subhead that leads into text
  1. Benefits, benefits, benefits

You can insert some features, but the best is, when you give a feature, to transform this feature in benefits, what does it mean exactly for the customer



  1. The offer

People are now used to free stuff. You have to give something valuable for them but not expensive for you, so that your client will give you their contact information.

  1. Your company name and logo

The client must be able to identify you and your company

  1. Call to action

It can be stupid, but if you don’t tell them what to do, they won’t do anything.  Don’t just write down your website address, write “visit our website”, or “call today”

  1. Contact information

The phone number mustn’t be too small

  1. Return Address

So if the card is not deliverable, it will come back.

Question: Why not save money and have different messages or product on one card? It can be an idea to share a post card with another business but it is a bad idea because the client doesn’t know where to look at, what to do.

Tip: even if you sell many services always use ONE card for One thing



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