10 Ways Blogging Will Explode Your Business Online

10 Ways to Compel Google to Send You All the Traffic You Want by Simply Giving Them What They Want


Follow the money.

Ever watch an episode of CSI or NCIS or any cop or detective show?
They always say… Follow the money.

So to figure out how to get Google to send you traffic it’s as easy as following the money.

Currently Google makes 92% of its revenues enticing people to click on their AdWords ads. These are the ads on the top and the right hand side of their search results and other sites they’ve partnered with.

They are waging a war with other search engines to get Internet users to “Google it” instead of turning to any other search engine.

To win that war they must provide the best results, high quality results that are relevant to the search.

That’s where you come in. If you provide just what searchers are looking for, Google will reward you with displaying your page in the search results way ahead of the millions of other sites out there. (By the way, we use Google throughout this report it applies to the other search engines as well. If you make Google happy, Bing and Yahoo will be happy, too.)

Here are the top 10 ways to make that happen…

  1. Provide quality content.

More than anything else, Google wants to find great content.

The better the content, the happier the readers are who then keep coming back to Google. This makes Google happy since they can now display more ads and make more money as people keep coming back because of the great search results Google provides.

How does Google know if the content is good? Great question. The simple answer is they know how long visitors stay on your site.  The longer a visitor stays the higher the ranking you get. So if the page they landed on lead them to other pages on your site, it causes them to stay longer, making Google happy with your site.

  1. Provide fresh content.

Google gives preference to fresh content and sites with fresh content.

When you search for information online, do you want the latest information or the oldest information? I suspect unless you are looking for original historical sources, you, like most of the rest of us would prefer the latest information on the subject. Finding what a company is doing now on “systems design” is much more useful that finding out what they did a decade ago.

Of the 200 plus indicators Google looks at to decide which results to display first, they recently added “recency” as one of their criteria. In fact, you can see it in search results when they show the date and time the post was created.

  1. Provide lots of content.

The more content you have, the more traffic and leads you will get.

Take a look at the results of evaluating 767 website traffic patterns[1]:


By the time the number of blog posts reached 24, the number of leads increased 30% and by the time there were 52 or more posts, the number of leads increased 77%!!

  1. Provide content that sucks… Sucks visitors in, that is.

Google rewards sites with higher search engine ranking that keep readers on the site longer. By providing engaging content like stories, case studies, interesting viewpoints on common problems or solution, it keeps the visitor reading more and more.

Start with the headline drawing them into the post. Engage them with a power lead sentence or two to hook them in. Tell your story in a way the intrigues them to keep on reading. The goal is to keep your visitors glued to your website as long as possible because they are so wrapped up in your content they just want MORE.

Have a reason for them to take action at the end, even it if is just to read another post.

  1. Provide content around silos of keywords.

A mistake too many site owners make is the want to focus on just the big keywords…like air conditioning, divorce, cavities, jazz, lawn care, software, etc.

There is so much competition for one and two word keywords in highly competitive markets it will take forever to get ranked for those.

Instead provide content based on a variety of related words.

Another trick in keyword research is to use the words that your clients would use, not what you use as an insider in the industry.

Too many people make the mistake of not doing keyword research before starting to create content only to wonder why they get such little traffic and the traffic they do get doesn’t convert.

Google the phrase “Google keyword tool”. This tool provides an amazing collection of keywords around each topic and the search volume for each. By providing content based on what Google believes are related topics you will be providing them with exactly what Google wants.

  1. Become an authority site.

The holy grail of websites is to become an authority site. Google will reward you with more and more traffic. You won’t just get any old traffic; you’ll get a special kind of traffic… qualified traffic. This means you’re reaching people who are eager to do business with you. Once you become an authority site you will rank higher in the search results as well.

By providing all of the above steps plus content on a variety of subtopics in your area you can become an authority site.

You must first start with keyword research as mentioned above. Then create quality content using long tail keywords… these are the searches that involve 3 or more words.

Provide a variety of subtopics around your main keywords as well.

With a variety of quality content centered on related keywords, Google will reward your contribution with authority site status, giving you more traffic.

  1. Provide content around recent news.

This is sometimes called “news hijacking”. When you comment on recent news stories, Google will reward you by bringing your site higher up on the results page.

Why? Because you are providing recent information about a hot news topic.

What kind of commentary can you provide on a recent news story? You could show how it affects your business, your customers’ businesses, how it will impact the industry, the tax implications, the competitive environment, etc.

Google and others are looking for people who are helping make sense of the news story and its impact on life, business, relationships, etc. Give them something to think about and you will be happily rewarded.

  1. Provide content in a variety of formats.

Google loves a site that has a wide variety of content. It makes it especially nice to re-use it. Write a blog post, convert it to a PowerPoint presentation, record the audio of it and make it available as an MP3, synchronizing the audio with the PowerPoint and create a video, and publish the article in your newsletter. The more the merrier.

When you do create a video, be sure to post it on your website as well as on YouTube. Since Google bought YouTube, they give videos on it a preference in search results.

  1. Provide a way for people to know, like, and trust you.

It is well established that people buy from people and businesses they know, like, and trust. Provide content that makes that easier for them.

The more you write about your products, services and personnel, the more they will get to know you.

Sharing personal stories behind your products and services will endear you to your visitors.

Be sure to give proof for your claims along with case-studies and testimonials and they will trust you.

By doing these steps, you will pre-sell your readers on your products as well as your company… increasing your sales and shortening your sales cycle.

  1. Provide a great call to action on every page and every post.

Way too often people publish world class content only to see nothing happen next. Don’t forget to tell your readers what next steps they should take.

Calls to action can include:

  • “For more information click to read an article on…”
  • “Call for a no obligation free 30 minute consultation on…”

Even better ones are:

  • “Click here to get a free white paper on …” (Use a compelling title!)
  • “Call to arrange a free 30 point inspection of your current…”
  • “Click here now to start enjoying the …” (Name a major benefit or two of your product or service.)

Train your visitors to take action even if it is just visiting another page. They will then be ready to take action to get a price quote, buy right now, etc.


By providing content, mainly in the form of blogs you can greatly increase traffic to your site and then increase conversions of your site once they are there. This will provide more qualified leads that are pre-sold on your products and services, trained to take action, and ready to buy from you sooner than they normally would have been….

All of this because you bothered to find out what pleases Google and provide just what they are looking for. Do this and Google (plus Bing and Yahoo) will reward you with larger volumes of qualified leads.

Follow the money and make Google happy, then money will then follow you all the way to your bank.

Now, the above 10 steps can sometimes be overwhelming to do week after week – and you’ve got to stay on top of your blogging and publish a minimum of once a week to keep winning favor with Google. Consider outsourcing one or more of the above steps so you can focus on creating and delivering great quality products and services.

Become of the thought leader of your industry without wearing yourself out with all of the details of creating consistently great quality content.

Call us today to see if blogging is right for you, 074 04 69 17 90

[1] http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/how-blogging-increases-lead-generation/

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